I haven’t written as much as I’d originally planned. I planned to write here pretty much daily, but the same way I plan to spend some time focused on recovery every day, it doesn’t actually happen like that. I try, and when I remember, I always at least plan to.

Nothing much has happened though. Dolce is still the best dog in the world, and another little sister of hers is arriving shortly hopefully. I love taking her on walks, even though she’s very strong and pulls a lot, so I can’t actually walk her alone yet until she’s trained to walk besides me.

Her little sister, is the same breed as her, but just a few months younger. She is just as gorgeous, but she’s a testable chocolate and merle mix. She is going to be called Dior, how fitting. Pictures to follow!

One thing I’ve been doing, which makes me feel better about myself, is my own acrylic nails. I used to spend a lot of time and money getting my nails done like claws to make myself feel better about at least a little part of how I look. I’ve always bitten my fingernails, and then worried that my hands look like the hands of a boy, which is an extremely irrational and strange insecurity to have.

Anyway, I bought a nail kit for less than (£10), which is a lot cheaper than going to get just one set done (£35+ every time!), and I’ve really enjoyed spending the time on a little seemingly insignificant act of self care.

Speaking of something seeming insignificant, I’m starting to realise, things are only insignificant if you don’t pay enough attention to the amount of time and type of energy you’ve put into these things. For someone like myself, who will naturally spend their time and energy focusing on really draining and negative things, any kind of positive thing I manage to, or want to do something nice for myself, that’s actually quite a big deal.

Writing here is really helpful, and I really should start using it more. Its therapeutic to write about things, and it forces me to pay more attention to the words and phrases I use about myself, and question which things that are my priority.

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