For you.

I have been thinking about recovery a lot, and who I’m doing it for.

I asked for help a while ago waited a long time to receive it.

I got it. And it does help.

but, who am I actually doing it for? for me recovery started for other people I think. People must have needed me to get help, and as much as I understand why they asked because they care for me, they asked me for themselves to stop the worry. That’s why I started.

I’ve been attempting recovery for a few months. And by that I mean I’ve gone to therapy. I do well with it, and I’ve learnt some handy coping skills.

But again, idk who in actually doing it for? Is it to get myself better for my sake, or the sake of everyone else?

I’d like to think that I’m more doing it for myself at this point, but only when I’m actually at the therapy session, I find it very hard to actually practise the methods I’m taught when I need them most. I guess that’s part of the process, learning when and how to use it?

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