Bit of a back story; I was a support worker for a while over the past year. I loved caring for people and helping people be independent, there’s nothing nicer to see than someone happy because of help you’ve given.

I had to leave work, as the pressure of helping people eat, preparing food and washing up dirty food became to overwhelming, and it had gotten me quite sick.

I was also working 12 hour shifts, 5 days a week, on minimal food consumption. I lived off of energy drinks, and as I felt unable to eat while I was actually at work, it wore me down quite fast.

So I couldn’t carry on. I got sent home from work with really bad mental health and couldn’t return. I wanted to, so bad. I felt like I’d failed.

That was a while ago now, and I’ve been off of work for quite some time. So I started applying for similar jobs in care homes, like cleaning, and activities coordinator.

And the whole point behind this post; I got an interview. I’m not getting my hopes up, who knows what’ll happen yet. But to have gotten this far is the achievement I’m grateful to myself for making possible. I’m in control of how it goes, and I expect to feel anxious. That’s my greatest tactic to cope, to be aware of the possibilities.

Anyway, it’s an exciting opportunity, and it sounds perfect for me. I hope it goes well!

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