Mindfulness 26/09

I just hope my brain doesn’t work as fast as it did yday. I hope I get to enjoy my thoughts. Maybe even get to hold them for a few minutes and just observe them.

I forget to be mindful often, I forget to mindful at all some days.

Mindfulness for me isn’t just about the peace that comes along with suspending your minds eye, but about the power to do that in the first place.

It’s a great tool for recovery, for me it’s a reminder that I have gentle control over my response to painful thoughts and feelings.

Maybe a guided meditation, or just a nice bubble bath is really my little piece of peace, and all mine to enjoy lavishly.

-Mindful Eating-

update on being mindful; I tried mindful eating. I was always scared to try mindful eating because I try my best to ignore the textures and tastes of most things. Often over analysing the food I’m eating can lead me into panic and then restrictive behaviours.

However, it weren’t that bad. I ate something I already knew I liked, these little caramel tea cake things with marshmallow and biscuit in. that’s two very different textures so I was anxious it might have been too overwhelming.

But as I ate it and thought about what they were like, it turns out that was one of the biggest parts of it I enjoyed. the taste of the caramel was delicious, and I enjoyed that too, but the biscuit part was also really good!

Overall, I’m proud that I did that. I’m happy it went well, and I wouldn’t expect it to go that well every time, but the fact I tried it is something I deserve to feel proud about!

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