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*Message about this post: first, I did Philosophy, ethics and religion at university, and from that I have a lot of different wild ideas, and whenever I’ve mentioned this to anyone else; they have made it clear this is one of them times. Secondly, I did not research figures from scientific avenues as they areContinue reading “Spending.”


Unlike other emotions, loneliness doesn’t have a slow onset for me. When I get happy, angry, or maybe even sad; most of the time it starts slowly and builds up. Sometimes building to a weight too heavy to carry. Loneliness is different. It just appears, and has the most ironic presence about it. When IContinue reading “Loneliness”

End of Therapy.

My group therapy ended today. I don’t know how to feel. I feel lost, scared and ready all at the same time. I was starting to slip with my attendance anyway, but it not being an option has started to feel quite daunting, but I know it’s an overall positive. I made friends, I learntContinue reading “End of Therapy.”


I haven’t written as much as I’d originally planned. I planned to write here pretty much daily, but the same way I plan to spend some time focused on recovery every day, it doesn’t actually happen like that. I try, and when I remember, I always at least plan to. Nothing much has happened though.Continue reading “Update.”

For you.

I have been thinking about recovery a lot, and who I’m doing it for. I asked for help a while ago waited a long time to receive it. I got it. And it does help. but, who am I actually doing it for? for me recovery started for other people I think. People must haveContinue reading “For you.”


Bit of a back story; I was a support worker for a while over the past year. I loved caring for people and helping people be independent, there’s nothing nicer to see than someone happy because of help you’ve given. I had to leave work, as the pressure of helping people eat, preparing food andContinue reading “Work.”

Dolce 😍

I haven’t written anything for a while, but that’s because I have a new doggy daughter. She’s a Sixth month old Pocket bully and she’s the cutest thing. She’s making it very easy to feel distracted and happy. I’ve been worried about my little boy pablo, my cat. He’s not taking it the easiest butContinue reading “Dolce 😍”

Graduation 28/09

So today was my graduation day. The day that everyone dressed up and celebrates all of their hard work. I finished my degree a year and a half ago, so there really was enough time to plan it. I had a rough time yesterday, and today because of it. I was dreading it a lot.Continue reading “Graduation 28/09”

Breathe. 27/09.

Today, it feels like I can’t breathe. It feels like everything that is usually familiar feels uncomfortable. I can’t sit still, I can’t think straight. I tried to use the breathing method, 4-7-8, to get to sleep last night, and I found it so relaxing. I felt in control of my breathing, which made meContinue reading “Breathe. 27/09.”

Mindfulness 26/09

I just hope my brain doesn’t work as fast as it did yday. I hope I get to enjoy my thoughts. Maybe even get to hold them for a few minutes and just observe them. I forget to be mindful often, I forget to mindful at all some days. Mindfulness for me isn’t just aboutContinue reading “Mindfulness 26/09”


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